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What We Can Do For You

Starting predominantly with painting, we have over the years become very adept with an extensive selection of finishes including wall coverings, specialty coatings, airless spraying, restoration projects for heritage buildings & also odd jobs creating scene work for the film industry. All our work is guaranteed. We have also become more & more aware of the impact building & painting have on our environment. We are always searching for products we can rely on for quality but are easier on our environment and we are now part of a team creating eco-housing, Passive Housing (Passivhaus).

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from colour matching, touch ups, repaints or complete 3 coat systems & airless spraying.

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the choices are endless when protecting your home from the elements. We can talk you through the best option for you.

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Wall Coverings

wall paper; vinyl, plain, embossed or textured. We can hang it all..or speciality hand finished murals & designs.

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Speciality Coatings

different sealers for different areas, waterproof coatings, effect paint, textured coatings, garage floors & more

Fear Not We Are Here To Help

Changing the colour of a room can have a hugely positive effect on how the space looks and feels, but with the abundance of different ranges of colours & shades, tints & tones around at the moment choosing the right type and colour of paint at times can be a daunting task, because of this many of us often end up choosing the safest option. If desired this is where we can gift you with the benefit of our experience & will happily help advise you on the current trends & whether to be bold or brave when adding new colour to your home.

We've Got It All Covered

As we have been in the game for a little while now we have completed hundreds of good quality projects including: level 3-5 finishes, renovations, new builds, group homes, architectural builds & 'high spec' award winning builds. We can also help you when it comes to exterior finishes, wall coverings including wallpapering or speciality hand finished murals or designs, & speciality coatings ranging from different sealers for different areas, waterproof coatings, effect paint, textured finishes, garage floors, 2 part paints, clear coatings & more.

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